I, Wisdom, am mistress of discretion, the inventor of lucidity of thought. Good advice and sound judgment belong to me, perception to me, strength to me… The fruit I give is better than gold, even the finest…

Proverbs 8

By Susan | Hand Analysis

Jul 14

If you have two or more Tented Arches in your fingerprint chart you are in the School of Wisdom. Part of your Soul Agenda is:

Tented Arch

Explore the meanings of Wisdom and develop the skills required to move from thoughtful evaluation to committed action vs. procrastination or over/under thinking. 

Because tented arches are the rarest fingerprint - approx. 2% - the School of Wisdom is the least common of the four Life Schools. 

Just as the School of Service is the most paradoxical and the School of Love the most misunderstood, the School of Wisdom has the highest denial factor.

The mission for School of Wisdom trainees, if they accept it, is to bring to consciousness aspects of self that keep them detached and uncommitted; aspects resistant to fully participating in the both the messiness and joy of life.

What Is Wisdom?

There seems to be an inverse relationship between the relationship between information and wisdom - Thomas Moore

Dictionary.com defines wisdom as: “the quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true or right coupled with judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, insight.”

Linda Kavelin Popov, of the Virtues Project explains:

“Wisdom is the guardian of our choices. It helps us to discern the right path at the right moment… Wisdom gives us the maturity and patience to make sustainable decisions. We seek knowledge, enter reflection, and open ourselves to inspiration. We consider carefully and act confidently…” (1)

However, for those in the School of Wisdom, I define Wisdom as:

The process of moving from reflection and  evaluation to committed action

Richard Unger, founder of the Institute of Hand Analysis, elucidates:

As a wisdom trainee, you are challenged to gain insight through experience, to step out of your observer mode, and to risk being alive. Investigate, extrapolate, and strategize; compare, contrast and evaluate, but be careful not to use your intelligence as a way to insulate yourself from others or from life itself. 

High Stakes Decisions!

In this School every decision can be high stakes especially when a decision puts your sense of self at risk or makes you emotionally vulnerable. Complicated decisions such as selecting a career, entering, staying, or leaving a relationship to deciding to buy a home can send you into analysis paralysis. So can simple decisions such as where to go on vacation, what to wear to work, or even committing to a lunch date with a friend.What if...

  • Something better comes along?  
  • I’m wrong?
  • It doesn’t work out?
  • I make mistakes along the way?

You may swing between over and under thinking about decisions. Both can be ways to avoid commitment, pain and exposure. For example you read books about how and where to hike for years but never step out the door to actually hike; or you take a ten-mile hike, through the mountains, in the winter, without any knowledge about hiking at all. 

Critical Skills in the School of Wisdom

  • Make Decisions
  • Commit
  • Take Action
  • Balance Determination and Flexibility 
  • Learn to Relax and Have Fun!

Too Much

  • The Know It All, Expert
  • Fear of Exposure
  • Perfectionist
  • Fear of Being Wrong
  • Only My Way
  • Over Thinking
  • No Joy, No Sense of Humor

Too Little

  • Difficulty Committing
  • Always Looking for Other Options
  • Never Enough Information
  • Over/Under Thinking
  • Chronic Hesitation

Just Right

  • Takes Thoughtful Calculated Risks
  • Can Decide When to Commit or Not
  • Gains Experience Through Doing
  • Shares Knowledge with Others
  • Has Compassion for Self and Others
  • Lives with Joy and Develops a Sense of Humor

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 (1) Kavelin, Linda Popov, The Virtues Project

Hello! My name is Susan and my passion is to support you to Discover and Cultivate your Life Purpose. A powerful, modality I use is Hand Analysis; an innovative, thoroughly researched, non- predictive system of decoding what your hands reveal about you. I received my Certification from the International Institute of Hand Analysis in 2012.