What is Hand Analysis

The Great Spirit Breathes in the Breath of life and the Tracks of that Breath becomes your fingerprints. - Navajo people

Richard Unger

Richard Unger

Richard Unger pioneered Hand Analysis in the 1970's; it combines the ancient art of palmistry with the modern science of fingerprint analysis. 

Hand Analysis is an innovative, thoroughly researched, non-predictive way of translating what your hands reveal by interpreting the meaning of the fingerprints, along with the shape, mounds, fingers and lines of the hand.  

Unger, along with other Hand Analysts read the hands of thousands of people to either confirm or discard the meaning of  various markers in the hands. 

What makes Hand Analysis powerful and insightful is that it decodes two psychological systems in the hands:

  • The Soul Psychology reflected in the fingerprints
  • Personality Psychology reflected in the shape, fingers, lines and other markers in the palm of the hand

Hand Analysis is the only method I know to discover your Life Purpose not filtered through your personality or the personality of someone else!

Benefits of Hand Analysis

  • Provides an Objective Statement of Your Life Purpose
  • Gain Self Knowledge
  • See Your Limitations in a New Light
  • Uncover Hidden Gifts and Potentials
  • Cultivate Compassion for Yourself and Others
  • Discern What Makes You Thrive nd Where You Are Vulnerable

Differences Between Hand Analysis and Traditional Palmistry

  1. Hand Analysts decode your Soul Psychology from the fingerprints and interpret markers the hand which gives a holistic  picture you. 
  2. Richard Unger and other Hand Analysts apply the scientific method to Hand Reading. They read thousands of hands to confirm or discard the meanings of lines and other markers in the hand. 
  3. Hand Analysts do not predict the future! Your hands do not reveal:
    • How long you will live.
    • If or how many times you may marry.
    • If you will become rich or famous.
    • What will happen in _________situation?
    • If he/she loves you.
    • If you are cursed, hexed or haunted.
    • However, your hands do reveal patterns of behavior, conscious and unconscious. Past behavior is predictive of future actions, which is why companies do a credit check when you apply for a loan. 

                             What's in the Fingerprints?

There are three aspects of the Soul Psychology decoded from the fingerprints. They are the:

  • Life School
  • Purpose
  • Lesson
Life School

Your Life School is the overall theme of your life; It influences the flavor of both the Life Purpose and Lesson. The School is determined by how many of which type of fingerprints you have. There are four Life Schools based on the four main fingerprint types. For detailed information about the Life Schools Click HERE. 

Unger describes the Life School as:… a life-scale training program that works its way into every corner of your life…  1

The Life School is critical because it influences how your Life Purpose and Lesson unfold!


Whorl Fingerprint

Service - 4 or more


Loop Fingerprint

Love - 8 or more

Tented Arch

Tented Arch

Wisdom - 2 or more


Arch Fingerprint

Peace - 2 or more

Life Purpose

Hand Analysts decode your Life Purpose from the highest ranking or most complex fingerprint. As you can see above the whorl is more complex than the loop and the loop is more complex than the tented arch or arch. Some souls have only one finger with the highest ranking print and some have several. There are fourteen Life Purposes and they often combine to form archetypal combinations. 

Your Life Purpose explains what you need to thrive!

Are you the Artist? You thrive by delving into your creativity and splashing it the canvas of your choice.

Are you the Leader? You are a visionary and thrive as you learn how to ethically use power and to inspire others.

Are you the Business Person? You thrive by exploring the attribute of responsibility and infusing material means with spiritual meaning.

Are you the Author? You thrive by learning the skills of authentic communication, developing a message then sharing your message with a large audience.

Unger elaborates:

Your Life Purpose is you at your best, your highest potential expressing itself naturally and obviously in everything you do… Life Purpose is not about improving your circumstances or even improving yourself, although those often occur on the road to Life Purpose. It is not about understanding your strengths and weaknesses though honest self-appraisal is necessary to bring Life Purpose forward. No, Life Purpose is about finding meaning in this all too mortal existence. 2

Life Lesson

Hand Analysts decode your Life Lesson from the lowest ranking or least complex fingerprint. Again, some souls have only one finger with the lowest ranked fingerprint and some have several. There are fourteen different Life Lessons. Just as with the Life Purpose, your Lesson can form archetypal combinations.

Your Lesson is that painful pattern you thought you’d be over by now; it is where you are most vulnerable or what you are ashamed of. It is what you don’t want to deal with. Your Lesson is your blind spot; your deepest fear or as described in the Star Wars Trilogy, your dark side. However, when consciously worked with, your Life Lesson becomes your ally.

I’m often asked if our Life Lesson ever disappears. I understand the question, I don’t want to deal with the challenges of my Life Lesson either. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Although our Lesson is our greatest challenge it also our catalyst for growth.  

I think of it like a computer game. At the beginning you lose, but as you gain skills you win. In time you become so proficient you graduate to the next level where it is more difficult and then you have to learn the skills necessary to master the new level. 

The Life School, Purpose and Lesson relate and interact with one another! When you make progress in one it influences the others.  And when you have challenges in one it also influences the other. 

            What's in the Rest of the Hand?

To create a meaningful life, the Soul Psychology needs to be translated through your Personality Psychology reflected in the rest the hand. Unlike fingerprints, which never change, markings on the hands can - and often do - alter over time. Living with Purpose requires that you understand, harmonize and cultivate all parts of you. An important principle in Hand Analysis is that your Personality Psychology and your Soul Psychology are of equal importance. 

Did you know that your brain and hands communicate more than any other parts of the body? Below is a model of a human in proportion to the communication between their brain and parts of the body. 

Key to creating a meaningful life is to understand how to translate your Soul Psychology through your Personality.

Every hand is unique. Take a minute to look at the hands of your family and friends, notice that some palms have a few lines and some have many. Now, observe the different shapes of the hands, some are square, or rectangular, round or thin. Look at the fingers, are they long or short, straight or crooked. All these markers say something about the personality.

Below are the Main Markers in the Hands:

  • Shape - The foundation of the personality
  • Thumbs - Willpower, determination
  • Fingers - Outward manifestation of personaltiy
  • Lines reveal conscious and unconscious motivations and patterns of the personality.

There are three Major Lines in the hand. Most, but not all hands have these lines. They are:

  • Life Line - Reveals information about your physical constitution and family issues. It does not indicate how long you will live!
  • Head Line – Reveals how you receive and process information.
  • Heart Line – Reveals you emotional system and what you need in relationships.

Other Markers in the Hands

There are also various other markers in the hands. These are some of the most common, remember, not everyone will have them:

  • Fate Line – How you accomplish your goals.
  • Apollo Line – How creative you are.
  • Mercury Line – How connected are you to your inner voice.
  • Gift Markers – There are nineteen potential Gift Markers in the hands.
  • Challenge Markers – Various markers that reveal specific challenges.


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