Meet Susan!

Susan Hakiman

I’m often asked how I became a Hand Analyst.

My journey began in earnest one morning over ten years ago.  I read a reflection question and it stopped me in my tracks.

What Would Allow me to see life not as an unending series of problems to be solved but as a mystery to be lived? 1

It was a difficult time. I remember trying to be the “loving wife”and “perfect mother”. From outside it looked good, but inside something in me was dying.

Dark Night of the Soul
Dark Night of the Soul

In my mid-forties I experienced a terrible betrayal that mimicked childhood traumas and spiraled into a deep depression, my dark night of the soul. I felt hurt and confused and withdrew from family and friends. I wondered what I did wrong when I tried so hard to do everything right? Desperately I wanted to know why painful patterns of abandonment and betrayal kept repeating themselves! 

At the time I didn’t realize it, but I also needed a deeper more authentic connection to God, myself and a sense of purpose. I needed to know who I was and why I was created and was not interested in cute sound bites or Hallmark platitudes either!

I Meet A Hand Analyst

Through a series of interesting synchronicities, I discovered Hand Analysis. It was fascinating! I learned that our brain and hands communicate more than any other parts of our body and that the shape, fingers and lines in the hands reflect our personality. However, the most intriguing aspect of Hand Analysis was the claim we have a separate Soul Psychology, our Purpose coded in the fingerprints! I had to investigate and try the system out for myself and joined a Hand Analysis Mastermind hosted by Ronelle Coburn and Janet Savage. 

The information in my hands was like an instruction book that explained me to me!

The insights I gained from my hands were pivotal in working through my depression. Today, I have a deeper understanding about who Creator intended me to be, my gifts, strengths, and vulnerabilities.

I am convinced my ‘dark night of the soul’ was an invitation from Spirit inviting me transform distortions I developed about who I was. Somehow, in trying to do everything right, I lost touch with my soul.

The Life Weaver

What I learned from my hands was so accurate, and the insights spot on, I wanted to support others on their journey of self-discovery! I received my certification in 2012 from the International Institute of Hand Analysis.

My husband Sadegh and I have been together for over thirty years; we have been privileged to travel to many parts of the United States and live in West Africa for five years in the 1980s. Together we raised our two children, girl/boy twins who are adults now. They are out in the world learning about who they are and serving mankind.

Is my life perfect? Well no. Will I have difficuties? Of course! However, I have my hands my special map to guide me when the going gets tough.

My life finally feels like a wonderful mystery and I lovingly invite you on that same journey to Discover and Cultivate your Life Purpose!

1. Popov, Linda Kavelin, Sacred Moments (Fountain Hills, Arizona & Chicago, Illinois, Virtues Communications, Inc., 1996) Virtue of Wonder

Susan and her husband Sadegh

Susan and her husband Sadegh