Is A Hand Analysis Session Right for Me?


Can a Hand Analysis session help me understand what makes me thrive and what does not?

​Will I gain insights into my Life Purpose in a Hand Analysis Session?

Do my hands reveal my potentials?

Will a Hand Analysis give me clarity about those painful patterns that keep repeating themselves?

Can a Hand Analysis session give me insights so I can support all parts of me?

Will a Hand Analysis session support my journey to explore and cultivate my life purpose?

The answer is YES!

Key Benefits Of Hand Analysis!
  • Provides an objective statement of your Life Purpose
  • Increase self-knowledge
  • View your vulnerabilities in a new light
  • Uncover hidden gifts and potentials
  • Discern what  makes you thrive and where you are vulnerable
  • Cultivate compassion for yourself and others
  • Manifest what serves  your soul, heart and mind
What to Expect in a Hand Analysis Session?

Before your session I send you a pdf document which explains the concept of Soul Psychology and what the rest of the hands reveal. It is helpful to read this before your session.

1. Print The Fingerprints and Hands

If your Hand Analysis session is in person, I make prints of your all ten of your fingerprints and hands. Your session is recorded and the mp3 emailed to you. If your session is long distance I send you a printing kit with pre-inked sheets and easy printing instructions. Once I receive your prints we schedule your Hand Analysis session. I use Zoom, an excellent screen sharing program for our session. You will need access to a computer and you can record your session directly to your computer.

2. Decode Your Life School Purpose and Lesson
Finger Print Hand Analysis

To begin I briefly review Soul Psychology. Then I decode your Life School, Purpose, and Lesson and explore how they interact with each other. If you purchased a two session Hand Analysis your first session will focus on your Soul Psychology.

3. Explore How Key Markers in the Hand Relate to Your School, Purpose, and Lesson

Then I look for two or three key markers in your hands and explore how they relate to your Life School, Purpose and Lesson. What is considered a key marker depends on how your hands print, it could be major lines, hand shape, fingers if they are very long or short, challenge makers or gift markers. If you purchased a two session Hand Analysis your second session will focus on markers in your palms and how they relate to your Soul Psychology.

How to Receive The Most From A Hand Analysis Session
  • Open to seeing the events in your life from a different perspective
  • Use your heart, intuition and mind to discern how past and current life events relate to your Soul Psychology
  • Take time to meditate and ponder the meaning of your Soul Psychology and how you can authentically translate it through your personality
  • Delve deep into your inner world yet stay grounded
  • Understand that aspects of your Soul Psychology and Personality Psychology are always interacting and develop a playful, curious attitude
  • Be willing to learn, knowing you will make mistakes
  • Have compassion for with yourslef
  • Are willing to deal with how you sabotage yourself 
  • Take responsibility and loving accountability for your choices
  • Understand that living on Purpose is a lifelong process not a destination  
A Hand Analysis Session May Not Be Helpful If You:
  • Want someone to tell you what to do
  • Are not ready to deal with parts of yourself you don’t like
  • Don't want to take time to deeply understand the information you hear in your session
  • Think a Hand Analysis Session will solve all your issues
  • Want me to make any predictions whatsoever
How to Work with Me?

I offer one and two session Hand Analysis packages depending on how deep into your story you want to delve. Hand Analysis sessions can be held both in person or long distance. I accept all major credit cards.

If you are interested in exploring how a session could support you click HERE or send an email at to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation. During your consultation we get to know each other and explore your best next steps.