Do You Know Your Life Purpose?


What if Your Purpose Was At The Tips Of Your Fingers And In The Palms Of Your Hands?

Hello, my name is Susan Hakiman and I am a Hand Analyst

Using the information in the fingerprints and hands I support clients to:

  • Decode their Soul Psychology
  • Understand how the three aspects of their Soul Psychology, Life School, Purpose, and Lesson, interact.
  • Personalize their Life School Purpose and Lesson
  • Recognize how their Soul Psychology may express themselves.
  • Translate their Soul Psychology through their unique personality.

Hand Analysis is powerful and insightful because it explains two psychological systems reflected in your hands.

  1. Your Soul Psychology, written in the energy patterns at the tips of your fingers
  2. Your Personality Psychology reflected in the shape, lines,mounds and fingers of the hands.
Hand Analysis is the only method I know to discover your Life Purpose that is not filtered through your personality or the personality of someone else! 

Pondering Purpose

Do human beings have a purpose? It’s a big question, it’s an important question. A question that philosophy, religion, entire civilizations have wrestled with for thousands of years.​

It is my belief, and I am in excellent company, that human beings need purpose and meaning as much as we need air, water, food, or shelter. 

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What Is Hand Analysis?

Richard Unger pioneered Hand Analysis in the 1970's; it combines the ancient art of palmistry with the modern science of fingerprint analysis.

Hand Analysis is an innovative, thoroughly researched, non-predictive way of translating what your hands reveal by interpreting the meaning of the fingerprints, along with the shape, mounds, fingers and lines of the hand.

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Work With Me

Is a Hand Analysis session right for me?  Will a Hand Analysis session support my journey to explore and cultivate my life purpose?


Click below to learn what to expect in a Hand Analysis Session and how to schedule  your Free 30 minute consultation! 

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Interview with Steve Toth

Mind, Body and Soul Show, Conscious Evolution Media
Jill Farmer Author, Coach

A Worthwhile Investment!


I had no idea what to expect with the hand analysis. I just followed my curiosity, and I am SO glad I did. The insights Susan shared were unbelievably accurate and enlightening. I felt empowered, directed, and inspired. I was in the middle of writing my first book and had reached a bit of a plateau. My session with Susan helped me work through my resistance and propelled me through the final processes of writing and publishing. Working with Susan was a terrific value and a very worthwhile investment.
Author of "There's Not Enough Time… and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves"