Spiritual Seekers, Pioneers, Pilgrims,

Explorers, Wanderers, Wayfarers,

Souls Who Yearn to Discover Their Life Purpose,


Do Any of These Scenarios Sound Like You?

Your life is good. Yet, for some reason, you feel unsettled, dissatisfied; a small voice whispers there has to be something more. You wonder what happened to the energy and optimism you used to feel. Your family and friends don’t understand when you try to explain; in fact you don’t understand it yourself. You are looking for deeper meaning and purpose but you don’t know where or how to begin…


Your life was great! Then a life changing “something” happened. Maybe you experienced a serious health, financial or relationship crisis. Whatever your particular circumstances, you may feel like the rug was pulled out from under you. You want to regain your trust in life and begin again. You want to reconnect to a sense of purpose and meaning but you don’t know where or how to begin…


You never fit in or had a clear sense of direction. You simply did what everyone else was doing, what you thought were “supposed” to do. Perhaps you dreamed you had a special calling but never figured out what it was. Maybe you tuned out, or dropped out, or gave up hope. But something inside of you is waking up. You want to believe that you were born for a reason and that you have purpose. You want to connect to that special calling you know is deep inside you, but you don’t know where or how to begin…


Perhaps you have a unique combination of all of the above!

Life is a gift.  It is a wonderful, often confusing roller coaster ride of both joy and pain. It is also true that we are not usually motivated to dig deeper into the nature of our spirit and the meaning of life unless we experience some sort of crises. Throughout history, wise women and men have explained that it is HOW we go through our tests and WHAT we learn from them that either make us stronger, insightful, and wiser or make us bitter, resentful, and hopeless. Invitations to spiritual awakenings are a gift even when they don’t feel that way.  I believe they are a summons to live your life in a more conscious and soulful way.

It is during your “dark nights of the soul” that you may ponder some of life’s most challenging questions such as:

  •  Who am I?
  •  Why am I?
  • Do I have intrinsic value and nobility?
  • How can I use my gifts and talents to serve, to make a difference?

 Philosophy, religion, entire civilizations have tried to answer those questions since the dawn of consciousness. Do you believe you are an accident, so it doesn’t matter what choices you make?  Yet, if you are just an accident, then why do you have this yearning for something more?

Do you believe you are a divine creation with a particular purpose? Then how do you discover what your purpose is? Is it your job? What you’re good at? Are your goals, your purpose?

If you belong to a particular religion or spiritual tradition you are faced with another question.  How do you take a communal purpose, for example knowing and loving your Creator, or serving others, and distill that calling through your unique purpose, personality and circumstances?

What if Your Life Purpose was at the

Tips of Your Fingers and in The Palm of Your Hand!

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Hello, my name is Susan, as a certified Hand Analyst I decode the information in your fingerprints and the information in your hands so you can understand what makes you thrive and where you may face challenges! 

I support you to  Discover and Cultivate Your Life Purpose!

What is Hand Analysis?

In his book The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling, Jungian psychologist James Hillman has an intriguing idea he calls the acorn theory. He believes that “…you and I and every single person are born with a defining image.”[1]

Hand Analysts also believe that everyone is born with a “defining image” and that “defining image” can be decoded from the patterns on your fingertips formed five months before you were born.

Soul Art Hand Edited

Hand Analysis combines the ancient art of palmistry with the modern science of fingerprint analysis.  It is an innovative, thoroughly researched, non-predictive system of decoding what your hands have to say about you.

Hand Analysis is the only method I know to discover your Purpose that is not filtered through your personality or the personality of someone else!

It is one of the best tools for answering questions such as: What makes me thrive? What are my vulnerabilities? Why do different parts of me want and need different things? Why do the same challenge(s) keep coming up in different disguises? I had one client tell me, “I thought by this age I’d be over this!”

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 Benefits of Hand Analysis:

  • Create an objective statement of your life purpose
  • Learn to make conscious choices that serve your soul, heart and mind
  • Understand what you need to thrive
  • Understand your vulnerabilities
  • Face your challenges with compassion
  • Discover your Soul Psychology Cycle

What You Will NOT Hear In a Hand Analysis Session with Me:

  • How long you will live
  • If or how many times you will marry
  • If or how many children you will have
  • If you will become rich or famous etc.
  • Any predictions at all

[1] Hillman, James, The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character and Calling (New York: Random House Publishing Group, 1996) Kindle edition location 226.